sloth smile sunglasses hashtag slothnation
sloth smile sunglasses hashtag slothnation

About #SlothNation

#SlothNation was founded in April of 2013 by Stevery and Todd, the small group of idiots. Stevery and Todd worked in a call center for tech support together. In their down time they became friends and started joking and making the time go faster during their shift like your average idiot would.


It all started with AstroSloth. Papering our work stations with pictures of the heroic sloth, we found new confidence and faith in expanding the awesomeness that AstroSloth was, and make new creations for the world to see. The confidence AstroSloth instilled in us, was more than just a website, but a movement. A movement on a national level. A very, very, very slow movement.


Many asked WHY? We told them why not. They just didn't understand the gravity of what was happening. We never expected them to understand. They showed little respect for AstroSloth and they could not come to embrace him. They did not see the glory nor the impact AstroSloth represents to our generation.


Some came to us with hopes and expressions of support and encouragement to further support our cause. Many see our cause as a just and righteous one. The support we have gained from the time we started up is amazing and the traffic so far has been great for a start up. We hope to expand in the years to come and turn this joke of a website into a real national following. The two idiots have faith the people who visit up here will join in on the humor and understand what we are trying to do. We look forward to your support on our ridiculously stupid endeavor!!!!


Becoming a part of this glorious endeavor is easy! We are always looking for more artists and those to assist with content and getting us out there for the world to see!


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